About Us

The Rocco's Team have a combined 55 years of restaurant and catering experience. In the last four years alone they have overseen over 17 million dollars in sales. Why is that important? Because a lot of people can make a great meal, or provide an affordable option for your event. But those aren't the most important things to think about. You should ask if my caterer can deliver results? Details and catering are paramount and having somebody that understands all three phases should be your goal. It doesn't matter if it's the best tasting meal in the world if it's not on time and available for your guest. Let Rocco's Catering show you why you can trust us to deliver for you.

Rocco's Catering is here to make your special event unforgettable with exceptional catering and hosting services.

A lot of hard work and planning go into your special event. This is where Rocco's Catering can help provide exquisite solutions. It is the goal of everyone at Rocco's Catering to provide our clients with superb customer service by paying close attention to even the smallest details in order to ensure a seamless experience.

Our experienced staff knows how to plan and execute any event, small from 10 guests up to 10,000 guests big, weddings or birthday parties, corporate events or happy hours - we will put in the time and effort to make sure your event is as perfect as possible. If you are looking to book your next event, come to Rocco's Catering and let us help make your special event unforgettable.